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Fotex Semi Synthetic 20W-50 4T four stroke Engine Oil is formulated to provide your car's engine with maximum protection during city and highway driving. The increased oil film strength provides additional metal to metal protection for higher kilometer cars, whilst reducing any chance of oil loss past the piston rings, minimizing smoke and the need to top-up. BENEFITS • Advanced semi synthetic formula provides maximum protection for higher kilometer cars • Increased oil film strength helps provide protection against metal to metal contact • Suitable for all petrol four stroke engines as well as older engines • Low oil consumption characteristics to assist in reducing top-up  
Fotex 20W40 4T formulated to meet the requirements of all major manufacturers and can be used in four stroke engines, transmissions and hydraulic systems of most tractors in all seasons which require this grade of oil. Wide range of applications in four stroke engines, transmissions and hydraulic systems of many tractors and is suitable for use as motor oil for both petrol engines, transmission oil (including wet brakes) and as hydraulic oil where this specification of product is required. BENEFITS • Protects the cooling systems against rust and corrosion. • Protects the engines from overheating and rust damage. • Fluid will prevent water from freezing in winter & boiling in summer. • Excellent extreme pressure properties

2T Engine Oil is a low smoke semi-synthetic two stroke engine oil developed to meet the critical requirements of 2 stroke engines manufactured by all leading auto makers. It is blended from selected virgin base stocks and specially proven additives to minimize spark plug fouling and pre-ignition, prevent rusting, minimize deposit formation and provide protection against seizure, scuffing and wear. It is specifically formulated to give additional advantage of lower consumption of fuel. It contains diluents for easy mixing with gasoline and is dyed blue for easy identification. Fotex 2T is designed for competition and sports motorcycles, on- and off-road, both with lubrication premix system or oil injection system. It exceeds the requirements of ISO, API, JASO, TISI and fulfills specifications of Rotax 253 (Snowmobile) and Husqvarna 346 & Husqvarna 372.

FOTEX 4T is a high performance mineral motor cycle engine oil for every day town and country riding. FOTEX 4T is a premium performance, shear stable, multigrade, multifunctional mineral oil specially designed for 4- stroke motor cycle engine.

This oil is highly recommended for 4-stroke motor engines such as Honda, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Yamaha, Bajaj and other motor cycles. It is also designed for clutches and gear boxes, portable power equipment engines requiring JASO MA, MA2 and API SL Lubricants.


These are multipurpose gear lubricants for differentials, manual transmissions, axles and other gears of automotive equipment where MIL-L2105-B, MIL-L2105-C, MIL-L2105-D or API Service GL-4 or GL-5 requirements are specified. straight cut and hypoid gears in applications where the lubricant is severely stressed. This grade has outstanding low temperature fluidity,eliminating cold start gear selection problems but can also cope with highly stressed gearboxes running at high temperatures.



Modern Heavy applications trucks, tractor trucks, rigs, plant gear boxes. They are ideally recommended for hypoid gear applications where loading is severe and excellent gear protection is required.

Our Gear oil’s product ranges includes:



GEAR OIL 85w90

GEAR OIL 85W140 




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