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Fotex 15W40 is formulated with virgin mineral base oils and high performance additives which provide optimum performance and protection to most late model engines. Fotex 15W40 promotes easier cold starting, reduces wear and keeps the engine clean between the recommended oil drain intervals. For increased performance and protection use Fotex Virgin 15W40 Modern Engine Oil. Fotex 15W40 stable stay-in-grade oil providing effective control with respect to piston cleanliness and bore polishing. It further provides excellent wear control, soot handling and lubricant stability
• Maintains viscosity at high temperature
• Anti-wear protection to extend the life of the engine
• Enhanced detergency to clean and prevent sludge formation
• Contains anti-oxidants to prolong the life of the oil between drain intervals
• Faster oil flow improves cold starting
• Safe for catalytic converters

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